Mystery Novels

Mystery Novels

Mystery novels are used to portray a sense of suspense and anticipation and are usually done through detective stories. Not all mystery novels have to have a mystery to be solved even if the story is on crime. Other mysteries are about ghostly villains that are unknown. These kinds of mystery novels base the story on a villain that no one has ever found or seen and the information on the villain is passed through word of mouth from one person to another.

When writing mystery novels one should know the type of story to write, whether it will be hard-core detective or amateur type. If the story is about private citizens or a private eye, whatever one picks will be the drive of the whole novel and will engage the reader. The setting of the novel should show where the story will take place and the detectives movements, if minimal, highlight the hometown; if the detectives are moving from one city to another, then the cities should be described to provide the mood for the setting. It is best to research on the story if the time in which the mystery novels occur is 100 years into the future or in to the past.

Characters in mystery novels should be well thought of and readers should be able to familiarize themselves with personality of the characters, even if it is a monster. Common characters used in such mystery novels include detectives, victims, killers, persons who discover the body, witnesses, suspects and scapegoats. What took place for the murder to occur and who the victims are have become the two most important factors in the story. The crime in the story should present something for the reader; the death of the victim should be meaningful in a way to make the reader identify with it.

Not all individuals have the ability to write mystery novels but many writers have tried. It is not a simple task to do as it requires a lot of imagination. At the same time, if one has the ability to write and is willing to try writing mystery novels, then there are various steps to be followed. A want to-be writer should read as many mystery stories as possible on the genre of interest. A lot of attention should be focused on everyday events, conversations, theme of the story and what the writer is trying to portray to the reader.

Planning the plot of the story is of great importance; choose the best out of all the ones planned. Writing the first draft and even giving it to someone for any corrections will give one ideas about the story. This is a good way to know whether the story is on the right path. Ask the reader for their opinion about the whole story, and be sure to solicit opinions from ten different persons or more. If one is not confident about starting with the writing of mystery novels, the starting with writing an article for magazines can provide an option for one to practice their writing craft before they attempt to tackle the more challenging goal of writing mystery novels.

Mystery Novels


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